School Customer Service

Top 24 Websites for School Students that Actually Look Great! 2022-11-08

To help parents, students, and teachers find helpful learning resources, we've compiled this list of great free and paid websites. We've sifted through hundreds of educational websites to find the top 24 that we think will best meet the requirements and sensitivities of high school students.

School customer service matters...especially those initial interactions 2021-10-12

Okay, you are a school administrator and schools are serious business, right? Professional and no-nonsense? Well, I agree with the professional part, but I think some schools (whether it is established by the school culture, the HR department hiring policies, or maybe the school leader) may want to consider factoring a little joy into the mix. It isn't an either/or proposition because professionalism and happiness are not mutually exclusive.

Communication! It's All About Customer Service 2021-03-09

Communication is the bedrock of customer service. Good customer service requires effective communications, and that requires listening to your customers' needs as well as communicating your own.

20 Tips to Create Amazing Customer Service at Your School 2020-07-28

Schools must improve the quality of customer service they provide to their customers. Here are 20 tips to get you started.

Providing Outstanding Virtual Customer Service During a Crisis 2020-05-12

Can your school improve its school customer service by considering its virtual services? Find out how.

What is poor customer service costing your school? 2019-06-25

What is your school customer service costing your school? Does it effect your enrollments, your staff morale, your school brand? You bet it does!

Customer Service: Minding Your Ps, Qs, and Netiquette 2019-02-19

In part 3 of this customer service series, let’s look at some healthy, guiding principles to follow in order to establish your school as dependable and committed to good communication habits–both face-to-face and written.

Customer Service: Facing the Fury 2019-02-13

In part 2 of our school customer service series, we’ll take a look how to deal with difficult or upset persons as well as how to deliver constructive criticism.

Customer Service: The Power of Words 2019-02-12

Learn how to use the power of words to improve your school customer service in part one of this 3-part customer services series for schools.

Is Your Front Office Helping or Hurting Your School Enrollment? 2019-01-29

Here are some simple ways your school’s office personnel can contribute positively to your student enrollment efforts.

You Won't Believe What Happened When I Rang the Bell for Service 2018-10-16

Right as I rang the bell, a concierge walked around the corner. The bell wasn’t a simple ding… It was a long, drawn out doorbell tune that played up a scale and then back down. I grimaced and looked at the concierge’s face to see if I had annoyed her by ringing the bell—I could just imagine how hearing that tune every day may grate on her nerves.

Can you believe it? She wasn’t even a little annoyed that I had rung that bell just as she appeared.

Tell Them Thank You 2018-05-07

Here at School Webmasters, we believe that effective school communications are a part of good customer service. One doesn’t happen without the other. And, one aspect of school customer service (aka good communication) includes telling others thank you. 

Roll Out the Welcome Mat at Your School 2017-08-08

How would a first time visitor to your school describe its atmosphere? Is it warm and inviting? Or is it cold and unwelcoming? From the grounds, signage, and parking lot to the front office and the website, your school atmosphere is evident. Is it the message you want to present? 

Choose Your Words Wisely…It Matters! 2015-09-29

Are the words you are using undermining your school’s intended messages? The words used in all forms of communication can be some of the strongest branding taking place at your school.