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School Website Management: It May Be Time to Get Some Help!

So, how do you effectively and affordably manage the critical tasks of website management? Consider getting some help from experts trained to manage school websites. 

It Might Be Time to Update Your School Website If…

Websites also have become essential for all organizations—from Fortune 500 companies to non-profit organizations, and, yes, even for your school. You certainly don’t need to overhaul your school’s website every year, but you do need to make sure you're presenting your school in the best light by keeping up with current website trends. 

School Websites: Leader, Lemming, or Loser?

There are always leaders and lemmings in the world. Of course, you want your school website to be viewed as an asset and representative of your outstanding educational services. But often, unbeknownst to many respected educators, their school websites are lemmings, or worse, they are losers, and the school administrators are not even aware of it. How can you fix this problem?

Using Surveys to Improve School Communications

We often think we know what our parents and community think—and sometimes we’re wrong. The only way to find out how people really feel is to ask the right questions. Consider surveys to improve your school communications.

Collecting Testimonials—a School Marketing Success Story

What better way to show other parents what a great school you have than to let them hear it from other parents? Hearing (or reading) a testimonial from someone who has nothing to gain other than from a school employee with a vested interest always adds more credibility.

10 Brain Training Tips—rewiring for an attitude of gratitude

It’s been a tough year. We can all agree on that. So, it’s probably time to look at what we can do to turn things around. We can’t control the world around us, pandemics, weather, or most economic conditions, but we do have some control over our perspective on our world and our lives. Gratitude is just such a control mechanism.

Communication! It's All About Customer Service

Communication is the bedrock of customer service. Good customer service requires effective communications, and that requires listening to your customers' needs as well as communicating your own.

4 School Communication Goals for 2021
New Year, Improved School Communication Strategy

With 2020 now behind us (thank goodness), it is time to address some of the issues left in its wake. For one thing, many schools have seen decreased enrollments, and since your sustainability is based on enrollment, it’s an issue you have to take seriously. 

Enhancing Online Learning by Elevating Virtual Connections

Looking for ways to enhance the online learning in your classrooms? Check out these tips!

Home Page Makeover—The Power of An Effective School Website

Your school website is your face to the public. It’s your chance to create a favorable first impression. Here are some tips about how to do it right!

Does Your School Website Need an FAQ Page?

Does your school website need a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page? The short answer is yes. But let’s consider the reasons to include it and talk about how to create an effective FAQ page. 

Keeping it Positive
How you say it matters, especially in your website content.

Your school website content matters, especially how you say it. Get some tips for keeping it positive!

5 Tips to Upgrade Your School's Image

Let’s look at a few areas that contribute to a positive first impression, each of which we have considerable control over.

How to Minimize Stress
Be considerate of your website visitors through your writing style

If we can be a part of helping others to feel less stress, why wouldn’t we? Your school website content can help!

Raising a Healthy, Happy Social Media Page
How to nurture your school social media

You must raise and nurture your school’s social media platforms if they are to be successful. Learn four ways to nurture your social media channels.

Share Your Photos!
And keep your school website accessible

We all know that images make our content more engaging. Now learn how to keep your website compliant while sharing great photos!

School Blog Topics to Engage and Convert

Tips for topics and strategies to create effective blog posts that will engage and convert.

Is Your School Website Hard to Keep Current?
Your staff is busy spinning lots of plates. Let us help!

Struggling to keep your website current? Find out how to improve school communications without overwhelming your busy staff.

School Blogging and the Art of Storytelling

If you've accepted the idea that a school blog can be beneficial, take the next step and add the power of storytelling to your blog articles. Here are some tips!

Practical Public Relations Advice for Reopening Your School Amid COVID-19

Is your school making sure you are communicating all the necessary information to your community in places they can easily access? These tips may help! 

20 Tips to Create Amazing Customer Service at Your School

Schools must improve the quality of customer service they provide to their customers. Here are 20 tips to get you started.

Video Conferencing: Connecting Remotely

In the era of social distancing, you’ll need new tools, new approaches, and new processes to overcome the challenges schools face in internal communications, stakeholder engagement, and alternative learning delivery. Video conferencing has emerged as a key element of all three.

Optimizing Your School's Emergency Notification System

Emergency notification systems have become indispensable tools for school communication. Are you using yours effectively?

Using COVID-19 school downtime to ramp up your school communication strategies
Improving communication in anticipation for our return to normal

While schools across the country are shut down for various lengths of time and staff and students work remotely to ensure students continue to learn, administrative staff can focus on improving communications.

Be Prepared for Emergency Communications
Strategic school communications includes emergency preparedness

The moment you are in an emergency situation is not the time to prepare for an emergency situation. Prepare now for future emergency situations at your school.

Providing Outstanding Virtual Customer Service During a Crisis

Can your school improve its school customer service by considering its virtual services? Find out how.

Distance Learning Accessibility during the Coronavirus Pandemic

While the world is fighting to find a cure for the Coronavirus (COVID-19), schools are scrambling to get their curriculum online and available to all of their students. Home-based distance learning has become the new norm for every school in the U.S.

Sustaining Your Message Through the Pandemic

You’re a principal or superintendent with no school in session, charged with continuing to communicate during a quarantine closure. What can you do to make this work? Check out the tips and resources to find out.

Effective School Communication During a Crisis

Learn why it is important to get in front of a crisis and when unable to do so, how to improve your messaging moving forward.

Web Accessibility Testing: Keyboard Accessibility

Whether it’s personal preference or a necessity, having a website that is keyboard accessible is vital to having a good user experience.

Responsive School Websites Offer a Whole New World
You've never had a school website like it

If your school doesn’t have a responsive website design yet, I’ve got bad news for you—your website is old and outdated! Let's fix that. 

How to Turn Your Entire Staff into a School News Army
Engage your school staff and encourage compelling communications

The most common complaint we hear from schools is that they struggle to get content from staff to keep their sites current, informative, and engaging. Learn how to solve those issues.

6 Tips to Improve Your School's Newsletters
Effective school communication is a multi-prong approach. Use well.

Would you like to improve your school’s newsletter? Are you intrigued by the idea of making it a pillar of your overall communication plan? Here are some helpful tips!

Digital Marketing for Schools in the 2020s
Marketing in the roaring '20s (2020's) is going to be a wild adventure. Are you ready?

If you are going to get the attention of potential families, you must do it BEFORE they need you. To accomplish this, you should know what they want, need, and value. Here are three tips on how to create such content and how to deliver it to the right people.

Do you have an OCR complaint against your school website?
Get and keep your school website compliant; but don’t be duped into paying for services you don’t need.

We are getting daily calls from schools around the U.S. about what they are facing with the onslaught of OCR complaints filed against their schools.

Show and Tell for Parent Engagement
Two simple principles to make sure your website is supporting your school communication goals

Your school website can benefit from the principles learned at show and tell. Learn how.

How to Get Started with a School Blog
You know a school blog is good communications, so now get started

You know the value of a blog for marketing and communications, so now learn how to have a school blog that rocks.

Working with the local media to get your school stories heard
Managing the Media, Part 3

Have a great school event planned? Want to get some positive media coverage? Find out how to engage your local media.

Is the Media Out to Get Your School?
Managing the Media, Part 2

Do you feel like the local media is out to get your school or that the coverage you do get is always negative? It doesn't have to be that way. Find out how to change that!

Involving Local Media in Your School Communications
Creating school advocates for positive media coverage, Part 1

Why does getting the media to cover your school event seem like such a Herculean feat? It doesn’t have to be!

Creating Your School's Communication Plan
8 simplified steps to implementing a school communication plan that makes a difference

Effective school communication is essential to your school’s reputation, community support, and student success. Build your school communication plan using these simplified steps.

School Website + PTO = Fundraising Success!
How your school website can help parent teacher organizations (PTO) connect with the community

Need some tips to help your parent-teacher organizations help your school and connect with your community? Use your school website to get things rolling!

Instructional Videos—Good for Your Students; Good for Your School Marketing

Use your school’s instructional videos and increase your public relations. Your students will learn better, resulting in healthy connections and more effective parent engagement. Find out how.

Consider Hiring a Professional School Communications Coordinator
And if not, then here are 7 tips for you do-it-yourselfers

With so many communication avenues at our disposal, it is a miraculous time to be a school leader, but these avenues include pitfalls. Learn why hiring a communications coordinator for your school district might be a wise economical investment.

10 School Website Management Tips You've Never Heard Before
If you thought managing your website was just about updating calendars and posting new, think again!

Just like the office of your school or school district, school websites are a hub of activity. The experience your website provides matters—to your visitors and to you.

School Public Relations is All About Influencing Perceptions

As an educational leader, one of your significant challenges is to develop strategies that deliver a positive message about your school to the community. Good public relations and positive perceptions are critical aspects of a successful school (and a successful administrator). 

Fill Your School with Good Moms (and Dads)
7 Tips for School Communicators

Parents are stressed, and like the “bad moms” of the movies, even the best moms and dads in your district act like “bad moms” at some point. So what is the most effective way your school can communicate with the majority of parents?

Does your CMS website software do this?
Content management systems alone won't improve your school communication efforts. Find out what will.

Your school website is your primary communications and marketing resource. Success isn't about software but about your strategic process.

The Transformation of School Websites from Concept to Reality
How long does new website design and development take?

Unlike a butterfly preparing to transform, schools aren’t always sure what steps to take in order to maximize their school website’s potential. Learn how to do it right.

Celebrating Students' Successes in Schools
Why sharing your school's stories adds crucial value to your school

In this blog, we will consider various ways you can share your school's success, thereby adding value to your school.

School Websites: What's the Big Deal?
Using a website to help you reach your school communication goals

Your school's website is a powerful communications tool. Are you using yours to its best advantage?

Stop Hiring Developers Who Are Not Trained in ADA Accessibility Standards
If your developer doesn't know accessibility, you may be at risk.

We would love to see today’s digital world be 100% accessible to all users. Unfortunately, however, as long as schools continue to use developers who are not trained in accessibility standards and techniques, it will never happen.

Collaborate and Get Accessible Results
Convenient tools like Google Docs aren't always the best option for accessibility.

As administrators, teachers, and staff, it’s important to efficiently work together towards the same goal. Tools such as Google Docs offer convenient collaboration options.

School Board Members: How to Help Your School Succeed
What happens when school governing boards value communication

Are you a school board member, or do you know someone who is? Learn how the most effective governing board members help the schools they were elected to lead become more successful in meeting their goals.

How Do I Market My School?
6 simple and better ways to help your school bloom

Not sure how to implement school marketing to improve your enrollment, school reputation, or trust? Learn how to use marketing and watch your school bloom.

Your website's important first impression
How your school website impacts reputation, engagement, and enrollment

How important is a first impression? Very. It has to do with what is known as the halo effect. Our first impressions create a perception, whether positive or negative, that causes us to associate other qualities with our original impression.

Automated Testing for Website Accessibility - Is it Enough?
There is more to accessibility than auto-generated reports

We wish we could say yes, but unfortunately, it is not nearly enough. It is vital to remember that while automated scan tools are beneficial to the audit process and can help you catch many accessibility issues, they are not capable of testing everything.

DIY School Website Management
Your school website is the heart of your strategic communications efforts

School website management boils down to creating a memorable, inviting, and emotionally engaging experiences. The benefits are worth the effort!

What is poor customer service costing your school?

What is your school customer service costing your school? Does it effect your enrollments, your staff morale, your school brand? You bet it does!

Digital Citizenship: 2 Guiding Principles to Help School Leaders Face Technology Struggles
Technology in Our Schools—Uncharted Waters

The level of technological connectivity in today’s world is beyond anything we as digital immigrants have ever seen before. What can school leaders do to navigate these uncharted waters?

How to Make an Effective Teacher Website
Engage parents on a personal level

Your school and district websites are essential PR tools, but since they must reach a large audience that encompasses your entire community, they serve distinct purposes and functions. In contrast, the sole audience for teacher sites is current students and their families. You may ask, “Is a teacher website worth it for such a limited audience?” The answer is yes!

Ideal Components of Successful Teacher Websites
Bridging the home-school communication gap

How can teachers help bridge the gap between home and school? Consider an effective teacher website!

Providing Links to Accessible Websites
Do the website I link to need to be accessible also?

We often receive questions from our clients about the links they provide to websites other than their own. Are you responsible for the accessibility of the websites you link to?

Using school websites and social media to encourage parent engagement
How to welcome and engage parents to improve student outcomes

What if you could get your parents more engaged in their child's education? You can. Here's how.

When Tragedy Strikes at Your School
Steps to Prepare for School Crisis Communication

It’s the kind of news we never want to hear—a tragedy has struck. Unfortunately, in our world today, the news media daily reports the reality of violence, accidents, and death, and our schools are not immune.

It Isn't About the Nail
Stop focusing on your school's status quo; move from wants to needs

Take a look at your school's communication strategies. Are you missing the point by maintaining the status quo?

How to Tell Your School's Stories
Learning how to turn your school's successes into engaging narratives that influence and engage

You hear it everywhere: “Tell your school’s stories.” But, how do you go from understanding the value of storytelling to actually do so? Find out here.

Website Accessibility is Hard! Wait—What?
Accomplishing accessibility begins with the first click.

Creating accessibility is hard. It takes time and training that most document and website authors did not plan for.

Create a Public Relations Plan for your School
Implement a public relations strategy that will get your customers to know, like, and trust your school

School public relations carries more clout than advertising or marketing, and is often less expensive. Are you implementing strategic public relations at your school?

The Changing Role of K–12 School Websites
How your school website influences parent choices

Can the information and design of your school website influence parent's choices for their child's education? The answer is a resounding yes!

6 Risky School Communication Tips
Part 2 of The Path of Hero: Becoming a risk-taking school administrator

Here are six tips for building strong school public relations. We’re going to help you get out of your comfort zone and look at some school communication risks that can vastly improve your school’s public relations.

School Social Media: Are You Talking to an Empty Room?
How to build your school's social media following so people will actually SEE your posts

Are you struggling to get engagement on your school social media posts? Find out what you should be doing to create and manage successful school social media.

The Path of the Hero: Becoming a Risk-Taking School Administrator

It’s not easy to be a risk-taker. After all, “risk” involves the possibility that something unpleasant or unwelcome may happen. But risk also includes the possibility of something wonderful or amazing happening. What kind of school leader are you?

Automated vs. Manual Accessibility Testing
The best option for testing accessibility is to combine both automated and manual testing.

We receive many questions about automated accessibility testing. According to

“Automated testing and evaluation tools are not sophisticated enough to tell you, on their own, if your site is accessible, or even compliant.

What is your school website “hired” to do?
Understanding the real purpose your website needs to accomplish

Is your school website doing the job that it needs to do? Only if it is helping you do the job that parents want to hire your school to do. Find out what jobs-to-be-done a school website needs to do.

The X-Factor: How and Why Testimonials Work for School Marketing and PR

When you are looking to increase your school's enrollment, positive, uplifting, and inspiring stories and testimonials are the "x-factor." Use it!

Accessibility: More than Luck
Accessibility is more than a one-click fix. Accessibility includes research, knowledge, skill, and testing.

Are you holding your breath every day, hoping you’re the lucky one whose website doesn’t receive a federal complaint because of inaccessibility? We will be the first to tell you that’s not a good plan.

The Changing Role of the School IT Director
Empower your school's CTO and give them a seat at the table

Empower your school's CTO to use their technical expertise to improve student outcomes.

School Blogs: A Metaphorical Dinner Table for Your School Family

Your school website and social media presence are public relations tools that help you build and nurture relationships with audiences that are already connected to you; a blog can do the same.

How Schools Use Inbound Marketing to Win Hearts and Minds
What is the ROI of school marketing?

Inbound marketing is attracting customers with relevant content–when and where they need it. Learn how your school can create effective school marketing.

Customer Service: Minding Your Ps, Qs, and Netiquette
Healthy school communication online and in-person (Part 3 in a 3-part customer service series)

In part 3 of this customer service series, let’s look at some healthy, guiding principles to follow in order to establish your school as dependable and committed to good communication habits–both face-to-face and written.

Customer Service: Facing the Fury
Guarding your reputation by learning to give and take criticism (Part 2 of a 3-part customer service series)

In part 2 of our school customer service series, we’ll take a look how to deal with difficult or upset persons as well as how to deliver constructive criticism.

Customer Service: The Power of Words
7 ways to improve school communications & public relations (Part 1 of 3-part customer service series)

Learn how to use the power of words to improve your school customer service in part one of this 3-part customer services series for schools.

Parents Will Engage When Students Are the Ambassadors
Tapping into your students’ ability to market your school and engage parents

Successful schools communicate to their parents and students that they are part of a team, not just observers whose presence matters very little. If you inspire a student with a school program, activity, initiative, etc., your efforts will be multiplied by their enthusiasm to the get the word out to their family and friends. Increased parent engagement through your students is a crucial part of successful school public relations and marketing.

DIY Website Accessibility Audit
Start testing your website for accessibility today!

You are in need of an accessibility audit. Now what? You have two options: hire a seasoned auditor who is fully trained in accessibility (us) or DIY (Do It Yourself).

Is Your Front Office Helping or Hurting Your School Enrollment?
Simple communication tips for your school’s front-line recruiters

Here are some simple ways your school’s office personnel can contribute positively to your student enrollment efforts.

Telling Your School’s Stories
Influence, inspire, and engage using story in your school communications

Telling deeply satisfying, meaningful stories isn’t just a tool or device to use once in a while; it’s an essential strategy in communication and in marketing your school.

Parent Engagement
Ideas that bring parents to your school

Do you ever feel like your school public relations plan is missing something? Take a look at your school-parent community partnership. How often do your students’ families come to your school? Do they have reasons to look forward to their time on your campus? 

Inbound Marketing for Schools, Part 2
Setting up and applying smart marketing strategies to attract ideal students and staff

In Part 2 of Inbound Marketing for Schools, learn how to create and manage your effective and affordable marketing for your school.

Inbound Marketing for Schools, Part 1
Marketing your school in a digital age; what it is and why it matters

Join us as we talk about inbound marketing, what the benefits are, and how schools can make use of this marketing strategy to increase enrollment and establish a respected school brand.

ADA Accessible Documents
Ensure your documents are accessible to everyone.

Don’t let this happen to your students. Be sure your teachers and staff are trained on how to create accessible documents. 

School Public Relations: Do You See It?
Educators and parents working together magnifies student success and your school's PR

As a school administrator entrusted with the education of youth and fostering a positive school brand to current and potential families, your job is not easy. Take comfort in the reality that powerful components for your school’s success already exist in your school—the valuable relationship of teachers and parents. 

Don't Let Jargon Monoxide Poison Your School Communications, Part 2
How to Filter Out the Jargon and Improve Your School Public Relations

To be an effective educator, you must be a good communicator. To be a good communicator, you must break your messages down into their simplest form and change the way you talk about programs and educational systems. Let’s commit to replacing jargon with more relatable language and compelling, authentic stories.

Don't Let Jargon Monoxide Poison Your School Communications, Part 1
How Edu-speak May Be Killing Your Message

Vacant expressions, glazed eyes, confusion—these are all classic side effects of “jargon monoxide” poisoning. 

As academics and education professionals, there are terms and phrases that you use on a daily basis to which you possess a much deeper understanding than others outside educational circles.

School Communication Best Practices: 13 Tips for Newsletters
Are your parents getting the message?

As a parent in a busy family, one of my greatest struggles is getting the messages sent from schools. My children attend high school, junior high, elementary, and preschool, and staying au courant in our home is no small feat. So, if you can get my attention, you’re really doing something right.

The Joy of Giving Accessibility
Are you giving everyone access to everything on your website?

We often look for ways to lighten the burdens of those around us. Have you ever thought about giving the gift of accessibility?

Where are you spending your school website budget? Sales or Support?
Put your money where your priorities are; be a wise steward of your school's resources

Where is your school spending the funds allotted to hosting and managing its website? Is it the best option and are you getting what you pay for?

3 Steps to Expert School Website Management
How to assure your school's online school communications success

Your school’s website is that critical intersection between public relations, customer service, marketing, media relations, communications, and branding. Website management is the process that makes this a reality.

Think Twice Before Moving Your School to a WordPress Site!
Weighing the pros and cons of a DIY website for your school

In an effort to save money, has your school considered using a do-it-yourself software like WordPress? If so, weigh the pros and cons first.

Building a Positive School Culture

What is your school culture like? How would your students describe it? What about your staff? How can you improve it? Here are some ideas!

School Calendars: Your One-Stop School Communications Tool
How to Manage Your District and School Calendars

As school marketers, we sometimes become distracted by all the wonderful tools we have at our disposal—the website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever the next new social media trend will be—that we sometimes don’t give one of the most efficient tools in our arsenal the attention it deserves. I’m talking about your district and school calendars. 

Web Accessibility Affects Surfers
Make web surfing an accessible experience.

We all do some type of surfing. In reality, there is a good chance that we spend more time surfing the web than we do surfing anything else. This is where web accessibility strongly affects surfers—web surfers (in other words, all of us).

How to Engage and Connect with Busy Parents
Incorporating a visual approach to your school marketing plan

Imagery is a timeless form of communication that engages audiences in various ways. Whether you recognize it yet or not, seeking to increase your use imagery as part of your school marketing is important, easy, and effective. Let’s look at the value of concrete imagery, such as pictures either on a printed page or screen

51 Ways to Market Your School
School marketing strategies that get your school noticed

Marketing your school is essential in today’s competitive educational environment. The good news is that there are so many effective ways to do it—you just need to get started. So, here are 51 ideas to get you moving in the right direction.

You Won't Believe What Happened When I Rang the Bell for Service
How Excellent Customer Service Translates to Marketing for Your School

Right as I rang the bell, a concierge walked around the corner. The bell wasn’t a simple ding… It was a long, drawn out doorbell tune that played up a scale and then back down. I grimaced and looked at the concierge’s face to see if I had annoyed her by ringing the bell—I could just imagine how hearing that tune every day may grate on her nerves.

Can you believe it? She wasn’t even a little annoyed that I had rung that bell just as she appeared.

What Private Schools Do Right that Public Schools Suck At
Steal their marketing secrets to engage, convert, and enroll more students

If we were to tell you just one thing that private schools do right that most public schools don’t bother to do, it would be to market their school’s differentiators. Maybe public schools see themselves as ubiquitous and feel they don’t offer anything different than every other public school in the country. However, I’m pretty sure that isn’t true. 

Red Ribbon Week
School Marketing at Its Easiest

October is Red Ribbon Month, and schools typically celebrate Red Ribbon Week during the last week of October. This year, Red Ribbon Week is October 23–31. Whether your school pulls out all the stops for Red Ribbon Week or you’re throwing together a last-minute plan, don’t miss the opportunity to market your school. 

Why Transparency Matters in Your School Communication Strategies
When educational leaders care about their school’s reputation, transparent communication leads the way

In today’s highly-connected world, it is more important than ever to establish trust. One of the main contributors to trust is creating a culture of transparency. To most of us, being transparent means you’re hiding nothing. You’re letting others look through a window into your world, throwing the blinds wide open. 

Meaningful Social Media for Schools
Tips for School Social Media Managers Dealing with Local Disaster

This month our social media team reminded us that school social media can (and should!) be so much more than the same old, tired news post or calendar reminder on our social media streams. With a little extra investment and the courage to be personal, schools can turn their social media into a truly unifying force with their overall community.

3 Steps to Improving Parent Engagement
Use effective school communications to improve student outcomes.

Nearly every educator will agree that positive parent engagement improves a child’s educational outcome. Besides making common sense, many data-driven studies are proving what we all know intuitively.

Storytelling: Your School's Secret Weapon for Successful Marketing
How it Influences Your School Marketing and Why

Telling school stories that inspire, excite, entertain, and encourage your school community is at the heart of successful school marketing. Stories educate, inspire, and entertain us. They carry with them underlying themes connecting us to the organization and people involved. Storytelling and its scientific background affirms its relevance as a powerfully simple tool in school branding. Let’s look at how you can use this tool in your school

All You Ever Wanted to Know About School Website Accessibility
Learn about DIY website accessibility audits, document remediation, and automated testing

Website accessibility compliance has become front and center in the past few years for both schools and businesses. The history of the Americans with Disabilities Act started in the 1960s, but only recently have  the Office of Civil Rights and lawyers focused on website accessibility. Basically, if you have a website, you need to make sure it is accessible to those with disabilities.

What Makes the Best School Websites? Part 2
How to use your school website for school marketing and parent engagement

The best school websites serve many critical purposes. To accomplish those many objectives, they must also be functional, usable, and accessible (which we covered in Part 1).  Here we’ll not only cover what should be on a school website but how to target and satisfy your various audiences.

California Schools: Know Your State's Website Accessibility Requirements
Is your school's website ADA compliant?

Beginning July 1, 2019, California law requires state agencies and entities to post a certificate of accessibility on the home page of their websites. 

California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 434 into law on October 14, 2017. Learn what this means for your school ADA website accessibility requirements.

What Makes the Best School Websites? Part 1
It’s not all about slick design. Find out what makes the best school websites work.

This is a question every school leader should ask. A school’s website is one of the most effective tools a school has to improve communication, engage parents, market its strengths, and build a solid, trusting reputation within its community. These are all benefits that improve education for our nation’s students, which makes achieving them worth the effort.

Effectively Communicating the Value of Our Schools
“Spotlight My School” PARSS Conference Winner and Other Examples of Effective School Marketing

A while back, our CEO, Bonnie Leedy, was invited to be a guest presenter at the annual conference for the Pennsylvania Association of Rural and Small Schools (PARSS). We asked participating PARSS administrators to submit a story about a time they successfully shared what was going on at their schools with the community. We chose one lucky winner to receive a copy of the Marketing Your School toolkit. 

6 Things People Actually Want to See on Your Social Media Pages
Connect with and entertain your audience

 A strategic communications plan for your social media can improve relationships with parents, build trust, and encourage engagement. When it comes to school communication, parents want important information such as events and meetings, policy changes, and news that affects the education of their child. However, this is information better suited for e-mails, newsletters, and the school website.

Public Relations for Schools
If you’re not engaging, you’re failing

As you practice school public relations, you’ll improve your school brand, connect with your community, and boost your marketing efforts. Consistent, strategic messaging with the end goal of creating and nurturing relationships with your publics is key to your school's success.

How School Leaders Can Foster Community Trust
Make yours the school of choice; build a culture of trust.

Trust—all across our country—is perceived as wounded and limping. Whether within corporations, government, or our schools, many feel the damage is irreparable. We disagree, and you should as well. You have the ability to rebuild trust in your circle of influence and create optimism that replaces cynicism. Trust rules. It drives your school’s cohesiveness. It drives performance. It even drives student achievement. 

What's Really Going on Behind the Scenes of Your School Website?
What to expect from development to maintenance by partnering School Webmasters

If you are considering undertaking a school website development process, I imagine you are feeling a bit stressed. Or if you've tried it and are ready to hire professionals, you've come to the right place.

School Video Marketing Ideas from Down Under
How some Australian schools use video effectively

Whether or not it’s a conscious effort, we seek to imitate people we admire or view as successful. This carries over into the business world as well. While careful not to infringe on anyone’s copyrights, we look to others for inspiration. When you undertake a website design, do you look at other school websites to see what they are doing? So how about seeking inspiration for your school marketing approach too? 

The Hard Work of Changing Public Perception
What U.S. schools must embrace in order to earn respect

Nationwide, schools in the United States have a public relations problem. It would seem they could fix these problems with some well managed strategic communications and marketing efforts, right? But, the problem goes deeper than that. It isn’t even entirely a perception problem; some of it is a reality. We must respond to these issues quite differently. 

Claiming Your School Brand
Simple principles to help you discover, evaluate, and strengthen your school brand

Don't give your power away by allowing others to define your school for you. Claim your school’s brand for future, current, and prospective students and faculty.  

Is Website Accessibility Required for Independent Schools and Private Schools?

With all the talk in the past few years about ADA website compliance for schools, the focus has been on public school websites. Public school websites must comply with Section 508 as they receive federal funds. But what about those independent and private schools? 

School Marketing: Using Testimonials
Increase Enrollment with Using Social Proof

Whether you’re managing school marketing for a public or private school, chances are you would like to grow your enrollment. More than a monetary investment, your school is an investment of time and trust for the families you serve. So what better way to show other parents what a great school you have than to let them hear it from other parents?

7 Strategies for Effective School Communications
Which powerful influence are you failing to use?

What is effective school communication? Most people would acknowledge that it is critical to the success of our school, but it is a broad topic and difficult to pin down. 

It sounds simple enough, right? 

Merriam-Webster says it is “the interchange of thoughts or opinions.” I think the use of the word “interchange” is significant, as it indicates mutual give and take.

What does WCAG 2.1 Mean for You?
WCAG 2.1 is the new accessibility standard

Your website is accessible and complies with WCAG 2.0. Now that you can finally breathe a sigh of relief, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recently updated success criteria and now recommends WCAG 2.1 as the standard for accessibility.

The School Administrator's Dilemma: To Blog or Not To Blog

Blogging shouldn’t seem like a new fandangled idea any more, especially as you delve into your position as school marketer. You might be hearing about it in conference sessions, in articles about school social media impact, or from other education blogs. 

The question school marketers should be asking themselves is, "to blog or not to blog?" 

School Branding: How to Stand Out from the Crowd
Competing in a world of school choice requires a powerful brand and knowing what you stand for

When many parents select a school for their child, they are selecting with their heart, not their mind. This is actually how we make most of our purchases as well. Branding is about winning the heart. It is an intangible. A feeling. An emotion. 

6 Tips for Handling Your School's Reputation Online
Using school social media to respond to negativity

How do you envision the impact of negative comments on your community’s perception of your school? In this blog, we’ll provide some informative tips to help you take action to protect your school’s reputation online via your school blogs, website, social media, or other online site.  

Tell Them Thank You
Adding a personal touch to your school customer service

Here at School Webmasters, we believe that effective school communications are a part of good customer service. One doesn’t happen without the other. And, one aspect of school customer service (aka good communication) includes telling others thank you. 

Lay the Groundwork for Marketing Your School

Foundations are essential for buildings, organizations, relationships, and yes, marketing plans. 

As we make our resolution to market our school, the first step I suggest is aligning your school values to your school marketing agenda. Because this is such an essential marketing tip, I’d like to help you with this step. Let’s work together to lay the groundwork for marketing your school by defining your school values, mission, and stakeholders.  

Instagram for Schools
What you need to know about adding Instagram to your school's social media strategy.

A few weeks ago, my 15-year-old daughter competed in a music festival. I was so excited to see that her band teacher posted about it on the school Facebook page! When she got home that day, I said, “Did you see the nice FB post about the competition?” She stared back blankly. That’s right, I remembered, she doesn’t have a Facebook account. Neither do most of her friends. 

Smart School Communication Improves Student Outcomes
A creative way to engage parents in test readiness and improve school PR

Standardized testing—do these two words raise your blood pressure? It seems as though the school year all comes down to testing, doesn’t it? For administrators, your school grade, your school reputation, your school brand, all rely heavily on the results of how students from your school perform on test days.

Going to the Source
Reasons to establish a trusted, updated school website

While backpacking recently with my family, I was reminded of the value and refreshing nature of trusted sources. We hiked deep into the Grand Canyon along a popular trail. While water was everywhere, and we certainly enjoyed every minute playing in the turquoise blue pools and staring at the spectacular red rock backdrop, there were really only a few places to access clean drinking water. 

School Crisis Management: How Prepared is Your School?

If you’ve been following our blog for any length of time, you know that we believe communication is at the heart of every school’s success. That includes your school reputation, public relations, school marketing, customer service, and crisis management. In each of these areas, without rock solid communication strategies in place, you risk losing control of the situation. 

School Websites and the Evolution of ADA Website Accessibility

By now we’ve all heard of the Americans with Disabilities Act or the ADA. Interestingly, it was the by-product of the civil rights legislation passed during the 1960s. But with all the acronyms, sections, and titles, it can be a bit confusing for us lay folk.

Your Most Powerful School Marketing Tool
The Science Behind Storytelling and How It Can Be Used to Entertain, Engage, and Brand Your School

Telling school stories that inspire, excite, entertain, and encourage your school community is at the heart of successful school marketing and branding, and is critical to your school’s success. 

In this blog, we’ll look at a scientific side of storytelling and explore how other school administrators across the county are implementing various storytelling tools.

School Marketing Road Map to Success
The fast road to achieving your school communication goals

If you’re hashing out marketing and school public relations on your own, then a full-blown strategic communications plan can feel overly complicated and time-consuming. Sometimes looking at complex processes in different ways can help with understanding and executing and, thereby, simplifying the process. In this blog, let’s look at your school marketing plan like a roadmap—complete with simple, stops along the way to help you reach your goal.

School Social Media FAQ
Helping DIY school personnel add “social media manager” to their job title

When it comes to school social media management, there are those who outsource and those who prefer to learn what they need to keep things in-house. 

Stellar School Branding
School marketing tips for creating a brand that's out of this world

The term “brand” is much more than a logo or school motto, and it encompasses much more than your school letterhead and newsletters. Your brand is an image that includes the ideals that you want to promote to your enrolled families, prospective families and visitors, and the community at large. A distinctive brand can be one of your school’s most valuable communication assets, especially in this time of school choice and open enrollment.

How Your Reaction to ADA Compliance Affects Your Public Relations

We’ve blogged previously about the legal requirements of website accessibly and how to make your school website ADA compliant. We’ve even provided full website accessibility services to make things easy for our clients. But there is one thing we haven’t talked about yet in all this—and that is the public relations aspect of ADA compliance.

5 Ways School Marketing Will Pay Off by the End of the Year

Benefits are a huge motivator. And whether we realize it or not, much of our day-to-day actions are motivated by benefits. School marketing has incredible benefits such as approval, trust, investment, support, involvement. These benefits are worth your time at least a few hours every week.

School websites—the Swiss army knife of influence and communications

One of the most powerful tools a school has when it comes to implementing effective school communications is the school website. It’s like that indispensable Swiss Army knife that has nearly every possible tool in one convenient location. 

This is NOT the End of Facebook!
How to keep your school’s Facebook page on your follower’s news feed despite the new algorithm

Despite what you may have heard, the Facebook world is NOT coming to an end. Still, with a term like “Facebook Apocalypse” being thrown around, we felt it best to spend a little time chatting with you about what Mark Zuckerberg’s recent announcement concerning the changes Facebook will be making to their algorithm means for you. 

Creating a School Video Without Breaking the Bank
How to break through the information overload to get your school messages out.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of information you have to absorb each day? Beginning to think you are merely roadkill on the side of the information superhighway? Are you inundated with far more information coming in than you can assimilate? Well, you are not alone.

What the Best Elementary School Websites Have in Common—and Why It Matters

Imagine a scenario involving two parents, Laura and Sue, who live on opposite ends of the city and in different school districts. Each has a child in elementary school. It’s early in the new school year, and on this particular evening, both women realize they need to download a copy of the school lunch menu. But here is where their stories diverge. 

School Social Media Managers: A Calm Voice Amidst the Storm
Using your school social media posts to help your community cope when tragedy strikes

I was relieved when I logged in to Facebook this morning to see that a friend of mine had checked in as “safe” from the Wildomar Wildfire, a fire that was actively threatening the area where she lives. 

What does your school need in a website?
School Webmasters would like to apply for the job

What do you REALLY need in a school website? This is actually a very important question. Different schools have different needs, so it is worth taking a few moments to think about your answer.

20 Tacky School Website Practices Schools Should Avoid

If we provided the following list to most other industries, it would be old news. I’m pretty sure the whole article would get a response like, “duh!” from their readers.

Why Your IT Department Should NOT Manage Your School Communications

No other industry would even consider asking their technology department to manage their communications, public relations, or marketing strategies. These two areas of expertise require radically different skillsets. It would be like asking a prima ballerina to conduct brain surgery. Both are experts in their fields, but their fields are vastly different. But public schools do it all the time. So, how did this come about?

Whitespace & Readability for an Effective School Website

The blank canvas. The empty page. We want to fill print media with ink the same way we fill silence with words. It makes us uncomfortable, all that nothingness. If you are a customer, you feel cheated that you paid for, what exactly?

How to Become a Rock Star Principal in Just One Year
Apply simple changes and see your school soar to new heights with strategic school marketing and communications

Implementing change is like flying solo for the first time. It scares the crap out of you when you look down at the runway, but once you land, you can’t wait to get back up into the sky.

Why School Marketing Matters
Use today's digital marketing while earning trust and increasing enrollment

Marketing is usually a word used by for-profit businesses and shunned by educators. Most of us don’t enjoy being “marketed” to, so we don’t like the thought of having to market ourselves when we have dedicated our lives to one of service. We might feel we should be exempt from all that nasty marketing/sales stuff.  But, we may need to rethink this!

School Administrators: Leading Like CEOs

Because our work here at School Webmasters bridges the world of education and the world of business, it is easy for us to see similarities and differences. Here’s what we’ve learned.

3 Proven Pillars of an Effective School Marketing Plan
Don't let another year go by without marketing your school

No matter what kind of school you run—public school, private school, charter school, or faith-based school—these three pillars of an effective marketing plan should support your school communications. These elements will not only help you transition throughout the year from one focus to the next, but they’ll bring all your efforts together to strengthen your school brand and messaging and improve your public relations. 

Is Your School Back-to-School Ready?
Start each year right with great communication, an inviting culture, and kindergarten parent readiness

Back-to-school jitters aren’t just for students and teachers; administrators certainly get their share of the stress that comes along with that first day. 

Roll Out the Welcome Mat at Your School
How to create a welcoming atmosphere and build long-term, supportive relationships.

How would a first time visitor to your school describe its atmosphere? Is it warm and inviting? Or is it cold and unwelcoming? From the grounds, signage, and parking lot to the front office and the website, your school atmosphere is evident. Is it the message you want to present? 

How to Get a School Website Redesign That Pays for Itself

While a school website redesign can feel like a Herculean task, not worth the time or the money,  keep in mind that your website is your most important marketing and communications tool.

Creating a Buzz through Strategic School Communication
Basic marketing tips you can apply to any school public relations campaign.

Have you ever walked into a crowded room where a hundred little conversations are taking place all at once? It sounds a little like a beehive buzzing, doesn’t it? 

In school communications we don’t throw the term “marketing buzz” around much—although maybe we should.

Summer Bucket List for Updating Your School Website
3 Hacks from School Webmasters to prepare your school website for a fantastic fall

It's summer. Are you enjoying the quiet hallways, catching up on paperwork, and working on your summer maintenance? Taking time off for some outdoor adventures on your bucket list?

What You Need in School Website Hosting
And how to select the best school website provider for your school

When looking for a new school website hosting provider, there are some areas to consider before making your selection.

From Good to Great: School Customer Service
How to improve your school customer service

Who could forget Seinfeld’s 1995 version of “the Soup Nazi”? He served the best soup on the planet. So good that his customers had to follow his ordering procedure (step into the store, move to the right side, proceed directly to the counter, order without comment, and step to the left) to get what they wanted, or they would hear the dreaded words, “No soup for you!”

Make SEO a Part of Your School Marketing

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and means that you put some strategy and techniques into your school website management to get free online traffic from unpaid (organic) results.

Quality Control for School Website Management

Quality Control. What, exactly, is it? The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines it as “an aggregate of activities (such as design analysis and inspection for defects) designed to ensure adequate quality.”

Parents: Raving Fans or Raging Foes?
Transform your culture & create parent engagement using world-class school customer service

In the field of education, we often don't think of ourselves as service providers. We just don't relate what we are doing in education as being about customer service.

How a Website Can Help a Struggling School

Your school website should be the hub of communications for your school. We understand when complications arise—like ADA compliance—some schools would like to throw the towel in and give up on their online presence altogether. But in today's mobile world and climate of school choice, you cannot ignore your school website—especially if your school is struggling.

Showing Appreciation for YOUR School’s Staff

Working in a school can be a tough job. It is also one of the most important roles in American society.

Does Your School Website Help You Become a School of Choice?

School choice and the many possible options available to K12 education have created an environment of competition that was nonexistent even a decade ago.

Successful School Marketing
How these public schools become the schools of choice in a school choice environment

School choice doesn’t necessarily mean that public schools have to suffer. One elementary school in Queen Creek, Arizona, is setting an excellent example of how to succeed and excel in a school choice environment. Even if your state is not a school choice state at this time, there is something to learn from this public school that is stealing enrollments from charter schools.

10 Web Design Trends for School Websites

Website design trends come and go. But, schools don’t typically do a complete website redesign to reflect fads, simply because of the complexity and expense involved. However, there are some trends that are not simply a fad and are moving from trend status to best practices status.

How to Have an ADA Compliant School Website

Making sure your school websites meets ADA compliance requirements is now a necessity—not just because the laws for this are now being enforced but because it is important that you eliminate any barriers to access to your school website and the information you provide.

Need a Rock Star School Webmaster?
Learn what “ideal world” best practices are and how you can make that a reality for your school.

Would you like to improve your school's communication? Start with your school webmaster's role. Learn what would be ideal in a perfect world and how you can make that a reality in your school.

Style Guide for Website Content Writing

Let's eat grandpa.

Let's eat, Grandpa.

This is one of my favorite examples of how punctuation can drastically affect the meaning of a sentence. An errant or missing comma has the potential to completely change its meaning. Its misuse as well as misspellings and typographical errors have resulted in extreme losses—some measurable, others not as measurable but nonetheless actual.

What Grade Does Your Public School Website Get?

If your school website were to get a grade, how would it fare? Does it come out on top in the various subject areas like communications, customer service, marketing, branding, telling your school’s stories, or highlighting your successes? Find out how to bring up those grades and move to the top of your class. 

Use the Power-Packed Punch of School Social Media Analytics to Drive Your Posts
Giving the People What They Want

You’ve tried everything—pictures, video, funny memes, poignant quotes, carefully planned-out social media campaigns, calls to action, links to thought-provoking articles from education organizations and experts in your field, even shameless begging—and still, crickets. Is anybody out there? What more can I do to get people to respond to my school’s social media posts?

ADA Website Accessibility, Part II bite at a time

If you are one of the tens of thousands of schools concerned about meeting the newly adopted website accessibility deadline of January 18, 2018, we can help.

ADA Website Compliance, Part I
or 'Actionable steps to school website accessibility'

Your school’s website accessibility is coming under fire. In addition to a flurry of complaints being filed against schools across the U.S., Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act recently published updated accessibility requirements on January 18, 2017. This means that by January 18, 2018, you need to have your school’s website compliant with WCAG 2.0 A/AA standards.

Schools That Do More With Less
How Ridgefield Public Schools manages their school website, social media, and communications without breaking the budget

Doing more with less is a beautiful concept. It allows you to simplify processes, be more productive, and use resources most effectively. For schools especially, the notion of doing more with less should be particularly appealing given stretched budgets, sparse staff, and ever-increasing to-do lists. Let me tell you how our friends at Ridgefield Public Schools (RPS) are managing their to-do list all while saving staff time and staying within their budget. 

School Choice: Something to Fear or Embrace?
Making yours the school of choice

 “The very things that held ya down are gonna carry you up and up and up.” 

These profound words were said to Dumbo by Timothy Q. Mouse when he was encouraging him to fly. They may also apply to the possible changes with the incoming Trump administration regarding School Choice.

Five School Communication Goals for the Year

Now that you are headed into the second half of the school year, it’s a good time to refocus on how to best reach and engage parents in this new year.

Make School Marketing a Priority This Year
3 steps to keeping your marketing resolutions

Marketing is a key communications function for schools, and it’s one that is often underutilized or sometimes completely ignored. 

Because we think school marketing needs to be a priority this year (and every year), here are three steps that will help you not only make but keep this new year resolution!

What every school administrator should know about website accessibility
Find the joy in ADA website compliance

Think of website compliance as the HOA of the Internet. While you sort of hate having someone telling you what you can or cannot do at your own home, you appreciate the fact that you won’t have the Griswold’s cousin Eddie’s RV blocking your driveway all winter.

Best Practices for School Website Copywriting
Website content with a destination in mind

What’s the secret to guiding your audience along a path in your school website? The answer: Copywriting with a destination in mind! With almost 15 years of experience, we’ve learned a few important lessons about writing school website copywriting tips that we’re happy to share with you.

School Social Media Management 101, Part 2:
Keeping up with the latest trends and employing them effectively

Welcome back, class! If you’re stepping in to this two-part series about effective social media management for schools without having read the first part, we invite you to take a moment to do so. If you're all caught up, read on!

School Social Media Management 101, Part 1
Keeping up with the latest trends and employing them effectively

So, you’ve finally seen the light and made social media a part of your school’s communication strategy. Congratulations! You've read blogs and e-books, watched DIY videos, and your school social media pages are up and running. Now what?

School Website Superheros!
School Webmasters' secret weapon for project management

Find out what our secret weapon is for managing a successful website development project--and it's not what you might expect!

DIY School Marketing

There are lots of reasons people decide to do things themselves instead of outsourcing or hiring a trained professional. ...

What makes the difference in a DIY success versus a DIY train wreck?
The answer is having the right foundation and tools. 

You Don’t Always Need 1,000 Words
Just a Few Good Photos

There is a reason we say, “An image is worth a thousand words.” Photographs stand out in text-heavy websites, draw attention, and increase memory recall. The best photographs communicate without any text; that is the power of visual content.

10 Steps in the Right Direction: Starting Each School Year Strong

It's not too late to make a lasting good impression. Whether your school has already begun or has yet to open its doors, there are some important topics that you should address to make sure you are starting each school year off right. 

Don’t Bench Your School-level Websites
They are the MVPs of your district

When it comes to school websites, many schools don’t recognize their most valuable players and often don’t even put them in the game. Typically, all the focus is on the main office or district website. If you aren’t using your school-level websites as strategic communications tools, it is like only playing your second string all season.

Is YOUR School’s Website ADA Compliant?
Why accessibility matters and what you need to do to comply.

If you haven’t received a letter or notification yet that your school’s website needs to be ADA compliant, consider yourself warned. Your school needs to get its website in order or face the consequences.

Do You Make This Mistake With YOUR School’s Website?
Beware! Don’t turn your school website into an easy target for copyright trolls.

Managing your school website can be challenging. It isn’t enough to keep it current, informative, friendly, and positive. Handling your school website management incorrectly can land you with some expensive copyright infringement problems. Find out how to have a beautiful school website and out of image copyright trouble.

Whipping Your School Website into Shape
A summertime to-do list that will please parents and improve enrollment

It's summer and if you're like most educators, you're enjoying the quiet hallways, catching up on piles of paperwork, and working on your summer maintenance projects. While your school is getting whipped into shape with new coats of paint and clean carpets, don't forget that your website needs some summer TLC as well.

It’s Not Over Yet
Communication shouldn’t go on vacation

You’ve worked hard all year long to build up a strong relationship with school families; if you want that relationship to remain strong, you have to nurture it.

Is Your School’s Communication Becoming Irrelevant?
If you aren’t using social media, the answer is yes

Your school’s students, parents, staff, and prospects are already using social media to stay involved. So choose your platform, set up your pages, and get involved!

Simple Rules of Word-of-Mouth Marketing
How to apply word-of-mouth marketing to your school’s communication strategy

By understanding the reasons people talk and following these four simple rules to influence word-of-mouth marketing, you are well on your way to being the hot topic of conversation in your community.

The 3 Simple Principles Behind Keeping Your School’s Website Current

Learn how your school’s website can serve your audience needs while cultivating a positive school reputation using these principles.

School Marketing is Not a Dirty Word
It’s time you started tooting your own horn

“You don’t need to brag; when you do a good job, people will notice.” 

Dear readers, this is a lie! 

Should Your School’s Website Be Responsive?
Find out what really matters and why—before you begin your school’s website redesign project

The primary task of your school’s website is to facilitate effective communication. If done right, it can not only keep everyone informed, but it will improve morale and create staff, parent, and student enthusiasm for the school.

What Successful K-12 Schools Do Right
A priority on communications; the road to a respected reputation

School website management can be a huge advantage to your school’s branding and communication efforts. Find out what works and why.

Could your school use website help?
Stay focused on educating; put the webmasters to work on your sites

Your support staff is busy, your teachers are overwhelmed, and administrators are wearing many hats. Now there is a solution to keeping your website current.

What makes an effective school website?
Apply website best practices and let your school communications shine

There is so much involved in creating and maintaining an effective school website. And, to be fair, it is nearly impossible to expect your school staff to have the skill sets required to manage today’s website and social media without specialized training.

Effective School Communications is Possible
Using your school website and social media strategically

The primary task of your school’s website is to facilitate effective communication. If done right, it can not only keep everyone informed but will improve morale and create staff, parent, and student enthusiasm for the school.

Civility in Our Schools, Home, and Online
Improve school customer service by modeling civility

As a baby boomer, I am not exactly proud of the fact that my generation is stereotyped as rebellious when it is also associated with self-centeredness. 

Effective School Administrators Know How to Listen
Effective school communication begins with leadership examples

Take note, today’s staff members want to be asked for feedback and to be heard.1 I think we also recognize that in addition to more frequent communication, how we communicate can mean the difference in how effective we are as leaders. This means better listening skills.

Parents: Talk About What Matters to Them
Effective school communication + engaging visuals = winning influence

I’ve been preaching for years that content is king. I’ve written numerous articles espousing this recommendation. However, I’m kind of old-school and I actually read content—on the Web, in books, in ads, etc. 

Choose Your Words Wisely…It Matters!
Strategic school communications = good customer service.

Are the words you are using undermining your school’s intended messages? The words used in all forms of communication can be some of the strongest branding taking place at your school.

9 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Your School Website Management
Get webmaster services you need with none of the risk

Yes, we are talking about outsourcing your school's website management. Not just the design of the website, which is quite common for most schools, but to include the ongoing content updates, proofing, copywriting, graphics, and content additions throughout the year.