Website Accessibility

Share Your Photos! 2020-10-13

We all know that images make our content more engaging. Now learn how to keep your website compliant while sharing great photos!

Distance Learning Accessibility during the Coronavirus Pandemic 2020-04-28

While the world is fighting to find a cure for the Coronavirus (COVID-19), schools are scrambling to get their curriculum online and available to all of their students. Home-based distance learning has become the new norm for every school in the U.S.

Web Accessibility Testing: Keyboard Accessibility 2020-03-16

Whether it’s personal preference or a necessity, having a website that is keyboard accessible is vital to having a good user experience.

Do you have an OCR complaint against your school website? 2020-01-14

We are getting daily calls from schools around the U.S. about what they are facing with the onslaught of OCR complaints filed against their schools.

Stop Hiring Developers Who Are Not Trained in ADA Accessibility Standards 2019-08-05

We would love to see today’s digital world be 100% accessible to all users. Unfortunately, however, as long as schools continue to use developers who are not trained in accessibility standards and techniques, it will never happen.

Collaborate and Get Accessible Results 2019-08-01

As administrators, teachers, and staff, it’s important to efficiently work together towards the same goal. Tools such as Google Docs offer convenient collaboration options.

Automated Testing for Website Accessibility - Is it Enough? 2019-07-03

We wish we could say yes, but unfortunately, it is not nearly enough. It is vital to remember that while automated scan tools are beneficial to the audit process and can help you catch many accessibility issues, they are not capable of testing everything.

Providing Links to Accessible Websites 2019-06-01

We often receive questions from our clients about the links they provide to websites other than their own. Are you responsible for the accessibility of the websites you link to?

Website Accessibility is Hard! Wait—What? 2019-05-01

Creating accessibility is hard. It takes time and training that most document and website authors did not plan for.

Automated vs. Manual Accessibility Testing 2019-04-01

We receive many questions about automated accessibility testing. According to

“Automated testing and evaluation tools are not sophisticated enough to tell you, on their own, if your site is accessible, or even compliant.

Accessibility: More than Luck 2019-03-17

Are you holding your breath every day, hoping you’re the lucky one whose website doesn’t receive a federal complaint because of inaccessibility? We will be the first to tell you that’s not a good plan.

DIY Website Accessibility Audit 2019-02-01

You are in need of an accessibility audit. Now what? You have two options: hire a seasoned auditor who is fully trained in accessibility (us) or DIY (Do It Yourself).

ADA Accessible Documents 2019-01-01

Don’t let this happen to your students. Be sure your teachers and staff are trained on how to create accessible documents. 

The Joy of Giving Accessibility 2018-12-04

We often look for ways to lighten the burdens of those around us. Have you ever thought about giving the gift of accessibility?

Web Accessibility Affects Surfers 2018-11-01

We all do some type of surfing. In reality, there is a good chance that we spend more time surfing the web than we do surfing anything else. This is where web accessibility strongly affects surfers—web surfers (in other words, all of us).

All You Ever Wanted to Know About School Website Accessibility 2018-08-28

Website accessibility compliance has become front and center in the past few years for both schools and businesses. The history of the Americans with Disabilities Act started in the 1960s, but only recently have  the Office of Civil Rights and lawyers focused on website accessibility. Basically, if you have a website, you need to make sure it is accessible to those with disabilities.

California Schools: Know Your State's Website Accessibility Requirements 2018-08-15

Beginning July 1, 2019, California law requires state agencies and entities to post a certificate of accessibility on the home page of their websites. 

California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill 434 into law on October 14, 2017. Learn what this means for your school ADA website accessibility requirements.

Is Website Accessibility Required for Independent Schools and Private Schools? 2018-06-26

With all the talk in the past few years about ADA website compliance for schools, the focus has been on public school websites. Public school websites must comply with Section 508 as they receive federal funds. But what about those independent and private schools? 

What does WCAG 2.1 Mean for You? 2018-06-05

Your website is accessible and complies with WCAG 2.0. Now that you can finally breathe a sigh of relief, the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recently updated success criteria and now recommends WCAG 2.1 as the standard for accessibility.

School Websites and the Evolution of ADA Website Accessibility 2018-03-13

By now we’ve all heard of the Americans with Disabilities Act or the ADA. Interestingly, it was the by-product of the civil rights legislation passed during the 1960s. But with all the acronyms, sections, and titles, it can be a bit confusing for us lay folk.

How to Have an ADA Compliant School Website 2017-03-21

Making sure your school websites meets ADA compliance requirements is now a necessity—not just because the laws for this are now being enforced but because it is important that you eliminate any barriers to access to your school website and the information you provide.

ADA Website Compliance, Part I 2017-02-07

Your school’s website accessibility is coming under fire. In addition to a flurry of complaints being filed against schools across the U.S., Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act recently published updated accessibility requirements on January 18, 2017. This means that by January 18, 2018, you need to have your school’s website compliant with WCAG 2.0 A/AA standards.

Is YOUR School’s Website ADA Compliant? 08/10/2016

If you haven’t received a letter or notification yet that your school’s website needs to be ADA compliant, consider yourself warned. Your school needs to get its website in order or face the consequences.

How Your Reaction to ADA Compliance Affects Your Public Relations 2018-02-06

We’ve blogged previously about the legal requirements of website accessibly and how to make your school website ADA compliant. We’ve even provided full website accessibility services to make things easy for our clients. But there is one thing we haven’t talked about yet in all this—and that is the public relations aspect of ADA compliance.

ADA Website Accessibility, Part II 02/09/2017

If you are one of the tens of thousands of schools concerned about meeting the newly adopted website accessibility deadline of January 18, 2018, we can help.

What every school administrator should know about website accessibility 2016-12-14

Think of website compliance as the HOA of the Internet. While you sort of hate having someone telling you what you can or cannot do at your own home, you appreciate the fact that you won’t have the Griswold’s cousin Eddie’s RV blocking your driveway all winter.